You can’t build greatness on a foundation of bulls–t

June 19, 2013


Yesterday, I launched my new website and started giving away free an intensely revealing Chapter 1 of my coming book, Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May.

My Truth Book Cover-v2

Yes, I’m nervous about it, a bit scared even. What will you think of me when you read it? 

What I hope is that it helps you breathe a little deeper by reminding you you’re not the only thoughtful person capable of acting like a crazy person … umm, you have discovered you’re capable of that … right?

If all it actually does is convince you I’m a crazy person, then well, like my good buddy Helen Keller said:

“life is nothing if not a daring adventure.”

Either way, I’m committed to fully living the truth of my experience, of who I am in this moment. Life just hurts far too deeply when I don’t … and I haven’t for so much of this precious life.

I’m also committed to helping you live the same, even if it means exposing my own insanity.

We are never going to build true greatness on a foundation of bullshit. 

I was born for greatness. Just like you.

It’s time we live our truth and get on with enjoying that greatness already.

If you’re interested in reading Chapter 1, please download it on my new homepage by subscribing to my blog.

Speaking of which, I’d genuinely appreciate your personal feedback on my new website: – Do you like the look and feel? Is something missing? Is there too much going on? More adorable dogs? Less? My last website was all over the place, so I really welcome your feedback on this one.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.53.39 PM

Thanks for walking with me thus far, it indeed is a wild waking journey!

With love,

(a picture I took at a recent art event in Los Angeles)

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