The 4th Pillar of a Thriving Man ~ BROTHERHOOD ~ w/ Tait Arend (My Lifelong Soul-Brother) (059)

January 13, 2021

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What happens when men don’t have deep connections with other men?

What’s the cost to our vitality, fulfillment, when we lone-wolf it through life?

Could being part of an intentional brotherhood serve your life?

In this episode, my guest is, Tait Arend … my lifelong childhood best friend.

In this episode, we’re diving into the 4th pillar of a thriving man: Brotherhood.

In a recent episode I introduced my 5 Pillars of a Thriving Man: Purpose. Intimacy. Family. Brotherhood. Spirit. … Who better to invite on to talk about the pillar of Brotherhood than the man who’s been my soul-brother since we were both 10 years old – 36 years ago. 

What does this word “brother” mean?

On the first day of a men’s retreat in Norway that I was invited to help support a few years ago, I heard a man say, “I don’t know why we use this word brother with each other. You guys aren’t my brothers. I don’t know you. I don’t get it.” … At the end of that incredible week, after 6 days of us men being respectfully challenged by each other, getting vulnerable and at times being very uncomfortably real with each other, and laughing a lot together, and sometimes screaming and crying with each other, too, he said something I’ll never forget. He said, “I now know what “brother” means. It means you know how I feel.”

“You know how I feel.”

His words have never left me. One of the great tragedies of our modern world is that we men – and women, too – we are essentially taught not to feel, that feelings don’t matter, that productivity, accomplishment, winning should be our primary concerns. 

Well, like many men, perhaps like you, I’ve long struggled with feeling disconnected from my emotions, from my body, thus disconnected even from my intimate partners, and from my own life. At times, I’ve felt unbearably lonely, even when surrounded by people and my own external success. 

It’s only been a few years now that I’ve really awakened to the importance of brotherhood – by which I mean real, vulnerable, courageous companionship with other men in which we celebrate each other’s triumphs, witness and comfort each other in our sorrows, and challenge each other, always with respect, when we see each other playing small in ways that don’t serve. 

My guest today, Tait, is the one man with whom I’ve been profoundly fortunate to share a lifetime of brotherhood.

He’s one of the most thoughtful, smart, and alive people I’ve ever known. And I’m so honored, and excited, to invite you into our beautiful friendship today, to hear the story of our brotherhood, including some of the challenges we’ve faced, and some of the ways we’ve let each other, or other men, down, and the costs of it.

Tait – I’m so delighted to share – is actually my right hand man for ELEVATE 2021, the year-long coaching adventure for men committed to thriving in every domain of life. … which begins imminently.

ELEVATE 2021: A year-long coaching adventure for men committed to thriving.

If you’re interested in being part of an incredible brotherhood going through all of 2021 together, sharing in our challenges, challenging each other to show up, step up, speak up, and create new experiences of success, new breakthroughs in our lives, in ways we often can’t even imagine are possible until we’re held in a powerful container of brotherhood with other men … if any of that speaks to you, then definitely apply now for ELEVATE 2021 @,

We only have 3 spots left, of 10 total. 3 spots! You’re going to receive private coaching with me, group coaching with me AND Tait, as well as an in-person retreat in late summer when we’ll all gather in a beautiful nature location to share an incredible experience together. And best of all, I think, and something I’ve never seen another coaching program offer, is you’re going to have essentially daily video connection to me, Tait, and the rest of your new inspired brotherhood of men. You’re going to experience a profound connection with me and other men like few men experience in a lifetime.

If you are ready to step deeper into your full, free expression as a Man, and fully give your greatest gifts to the world, to your loved ones, and live the vow you know your soul is waiting for you to make … then this is for you.

We’ve only got 3 spots left as of this moment.

Make today the day you commit to making 2021 extraordinary.

Now, let’s get back to this momentous encounter with my dear friend, Tait Arend. This is a very special episode, and so please stay tuned all the way through to Tait’s 5 Key Takeaway’s at the end of this episode of Men, This Way …


Let’s dive

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