Bringing Mindfulness to the US Military

On Friday, I returned to the US Military. I hadn’t been on a military installation in official capacity in over 13 years. But the world is shifting. A few months ago, I got an email from an Army Lieutenant Colonel. She had just read my popular blog on The Daily Love about how to give

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My Top 10 Blogs of 2013 (the most popular, provocative, healing … or simply fun for me to write)

1. LIFE BEGINS AT F#@K IT (1 + 9 Keys to Awesome Living) 2. Are you done “showering in Denny’s bathroom sink” already? 3. A Happy You is Good For the Planet! 4. Play with those that inspire you 5. Healing sometimes just means learning to live in peace with the pain 6. Stop Trying to Convince Anyone of Anything 7. Yes, The World Actually

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8-Step Guide to a Great Hug

A truly great hug is a rich experience that has you pull another human body deliciously tight into yours as a way of saying, “I so deeply value your presence that I’m taking this exact moment to feel you, smell you, breathe with you – essentially stamp your being into my cellular memory so that

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Love Will Show The Way

I was recently the Minister at a Gay Wedding Ceremony between two beautiful men in California. Facilitating this public witnessing of Love’s complete lack of prejudice is one of the most deeply satisfying highlights of my already adventurous life. I’m a deeply heterosexual man … and I know this with certainty because I spent a

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We are truly entering the Golden Age of Authenticity!

Even as a straight man, I literally get ecstatic chills in my body when something majorly public happens that advances the cause for not just legal equality for gay people, but for the simple acknowledgment that … … gay people have every right to live an extraordinary life in their own authentic brilliance with all the

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A Happy You is Good For the Planet!

The best gift you can give anyone is your own happiness. Surely by now you’ve discovered how exhausting it can be trying to make someone else happy. The best gift life ever gave me was a girlfriend I really wanted to be with who couldn’t be happy with me no matter what I tried to

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You get what you MUST have!

  “People get what they MUST have.” Tony Robbins said that on Saturday during one of the most powerful weekends I’ve experienced in years, his Unleash The Power Within seminar. Tony Robbins is the masculine embodiment of grounded human potential both understood and expressed (I’ll explain that another time). This is the point: Want to raise

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