New Beginnings

My Top 10 Blogs of 2013 (the most popular, provocative, healing … or simply fun for me to write)

1. LIFE BEGINS AT F#@K IT (1 + 9 Keys to Awesome Living) 2. Are you done “showering in Denny’s bathroom sink” already? 3. A Happy You is Good For the Planet! 4. Play with those that inspire you 5. Healing sometimes just means learning to live in peace with the pain 6. Stop Trying to Convince Anyone of Anything 7. Yes, The World Actually

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Expand your world … consistently!

I just spent 6 days discovering how … mmm, unskilled … I have lived much my life. Particularly in my intimate relationships with women. I was in an extraordinary seminar called Date With Destiny, with Tony Robbins. If you know him as a motivational speaker … you don’t know him. Tony Robbins has masterfully unlocked

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What's Your Empowering Mantra for 2014?

Earlier this year, in 2013, I hit a bottom. I wasn’t homeless or completely broke, but I could see both from where I stood in January. I had been working on some exciting projects, managing spiritual music artists and producing major events with world-renowned teachers and performers. But so much of that was for non-profit

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Love Will Show The Way

I was recently the Minister at a Gay Wedding Ceremony between two beautiful men in California. Facilitating this public witnessing of Love’s complete lack of prejudice is one of the most deeply satisfying highlights of my already adventurous life. I’m a deeply heterosexual man … and I know this with certainty because I spent a

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Yes, The World Actually DOES Need Your Voice

It’s easy to get discouraged about inspirational writing and coaching when I think the stage is already too crowded. There’s so many people already doing what I aspire to do … and some are doing it reeeeeally well. When I attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within Seminar in Los Angeles 2 months ago, I

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The world never ends where you think it does

Recently, my sister lived a few months in an adorable cabin on a beautiful mountain village street in southern California. While she was there, she never ventured further up her street, beyond her cabin and away from the main road. She would later tell me she simply assumed the street ended just beyond the bend

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Are you done "showering in Denny's bathroom sink" already?

It seems like every single wildly successful transformational/motivational/spiritual speaker/author I’ve ever encountered has a story to tell about the awful time in their lives when they were homeless, sleeping in an alley/bus-stop/car/empty field, washing their clothes in a Denny’s bathroom or their hair with the 7-Eleven soda machine (discreetly). They were either cracked out, drunk, disorderly,

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You get what you MUST have!

  “People get what they MUST have.” Tony Robbins said that on Saturday during one of the most powerful weekends I’ve experienced in years, his Unleash The Power Within seminar. Tony Robbins is the masculine embodiment of grounded human potential both understood and expressed (I’ll explain that another time). This is the point: Want to raise

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Introducing This New Micro-Blog

I just finished luxuriating for 30 days on a solo-retreat to Idyllwild nestled cozy atop a snow-blanketed mountain in southeastern California. I wrote 90% of my new book’s first draft (“Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May”), I took yummy photos (see below), ate no sugar, and decided to launch a new

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