Yes, The World Actually DOES Need Your Voice

May 29, 2013


It’s easy to get discouraged about inspirational writing and coaching when I think the stage is already too crowded. There’s so many people already doing what I aspire to do … and some are doing it reeeeeally well.

When I attended Tony RobbinsUnleash The Power Within Seminar in Los Angeles 2 months ago, I thought, “jeez, there’s six thooooooousand people in this room all more or less wanting to do what I want to do. On top of that, Tony “Rockstar” Robbins has already mastered the field of human potential; he’s created the CDs, the workshops and trainings, written amazing books and gives immense value in his lectures. What can I possibly offer this world that isn’t already being offered at a masterful level?

Then I thought, “wait, there’s six thousand people in this room, but there’s 18 MILLION people in the greater Los Angeles area alone. And for so many of them, suffering is part of everyday life.

There’s a MASSIVE world out there literally dying to become aware of the insights you and I are waking up to.

Only a very small percentage will ever be exposed to or even resonate with Tony Robbins or Marianne Williamson or Eckhart Tolle or anyone else who isn’t me or you.

Someone out there is right now waiting to be seized by the inspiration streaming through you – whether your voice, your writing, your film, your song, your dance, your comedy, your truth. Whatever your offering, someone’s waiting to be inspired by you. It might be millions of people or it might be a few. You’ll never know until you go for it … and keep going for it.

It might take 100 attempts, or maybe 1000. Maybe you’ll simply release a slow trickle of inspiration that pleasantly tickles a few folks each time you hit “publish”. That’s what blogging in particular often looks like for the first few years.

Regardless, don’t believe for one second that your voice isn’t needed RIGHT NOW in this world because someone else out there is speaking a similar message. They may be, and thank goodness for that, but no one’s speaking, writing, dancing, singing, teaching, training, explaining, embracing, visioning, laughing, expressing like you can.

Besides, there are seven billion people on this planet. A vast many of those 7 billion people are in pain. Unnecessary suffering is part of their everyday lives.

Even Tony Robbins could only get to six thousand on that particular day.

Get out there and share your voice; express what you see.

Don’t worry; you’re not competing with any other voices. Rather, we’re all now working in harmony to create the greatest, most thunderously inspiring chorus ever!

So sing it out!

What inner inspirations have you been resisting out of concern that someone else is already doing it? What would it look like to give up that belief and get going? What’s your next step? 

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  • Liked your message a lot. It’s easy to become cynical and not try, to fall into “who cares?” thinking. When I speak up, which isn’t often, it is true that someone responds to my expression. Again, I value your words and your optimism is inspirational. Keep it coming. Denise

    • thanks Denise … yeah for sure. all our voices are needed in this global conversation. we can’t afford to keep quiet thinking someone else is already saying what I want to say. the more of us who say it, the more that force for change grows and becomes undeniable … until that new paradigm is simply what is, because we’re all (or most of us) aren’t talking about it anymore … we’re just living it!

  • You are awesome. This was awesome. The inspiration waking within me as I read these words is AWESOME. Thank you!

    • Aww Susan thank you! If I had listened to that crazy voice questioning whether I have anything new and useful to say, you would never have read this and experienced that juicy inspiration welling up inside you. Let that be inspiration for you to step out with your voice and give birth to what’s coming through you so that another – and perhaps LOTS of others – may be likewise inspired to use their voice … and thus Life’s choir sings!

      • I love that that doubting voice doesn’t actually dictate what’s actually true or possible, just another thought, floating through. Thank you for being such a solid reference for that. And, regardless of outcome, I love singing 🙂

  • What a privilege to read your profound thoughts, Bryan. In my tiny little yoga classes, I impart essentially the same message. When I became a yoga teacher, I was told, “Think Big”. Well, I didn’t. Who knows why. Yoga “rockstar” teachers abound with studios crammed wall to wall with sweaty bodies. But I KNOW from 20years experience that no one SAYS what I have to say in quite the way I say it. So your words are absolutely pure and true. Keep on keepin’ on, my friend.

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