"Touring HIIH-style … in the State of Gratitude"

Here’s one simple, powerful exercise we do every time we get in the Durango to drive to a new city. We go around our circle and simply say what we are grateful for. Everything and anything comes up – the delicious organic chocolate chip cookie I just ate; the wondrously green hills whizzing by breathtaking

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"God laughs at everyone's plans"

This major San Diego “new thought” venue we performed at tonight – Seaside Spiritual Living Center – hadn’t returned my emails or phone calls for months of my trying before the tour started. I got one short email from them saying they book a year in advance, check with the Music Director. She never responded.

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"I'm not always supposed to do something"

Today, a lady with deep strong beautiful blue eyes came over to me at the end of an excellent show. I had been thinking to approach the microphone as the band was being loved and hugged on by all their new adoring fans. I wanted to speak to the fact that this concert was a

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