The Journey

"Take home the CD … AND the Band!"

Thank God I’m not running the show! I couldn’t have planned it so clever! When we got to San Diego, I thought we had adequate housing for two weeks. We rolled into our apparent new digs at about 2AM somewhere in the hills of Escondido … and quickly realized this was NOT going to work.

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"God laughs at everyone's plans"

This major San Diego “new thought” venue we performed at tonight – Seaside Spiritual Living Center – hadn’t returned my emails or phone calls for months of my trying before the tour started. I got one short email from them saying they book a year in advance, check with the Music Director. She never responded.

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"Bryan, you have a great responsibility!!"

Yesterday the director at the San Diego Baha’i Center told me – after HERE II HERE performed – “You have a great responsibility on your shoulders, Bryan! The world needs to hear their music and message!” One of the amazing things about working with HERE II HERE is that so many people who experience them

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