Are you done "showering in Denny's bathroom sink" already?

It seems like every single wildly successful transformational/motivational/spiritual speaker/author I’ve ever encountered has a story to tell about the awful time in their lives when they were homeless, sleeping in an alley/bus-stop/car/empty field, washing their clothes in a Denny’s bathroom or their hair with the 7-Eleven soda machine (discreetly). They were either cracked out, drunk, disorderly,

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There’s nothing you ‘have to’ do … ever!

We need to watch our language!!! I’m not talking about cursing. I’m pretty sure God wants us to curse. I’m talking about the language most of us use everyday that subtly makes ME a victim to MY OWN choices. How many times a day do you say (or think) “I have to do this,” or

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Slow Down. Productivity is Overrated.

I just returned from a 30 day solo retreat in the mountains. My time there was deliciously tranquil. I removed batteries from ticking clocks. Refused internet service. Kept my phone in a drawer. I woke up twice to deep snowfall slathered across the entire landscape, fresh, romping coyote tracks circling my cabin. I went hiking

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Facebook Causes Divorce? … I Don't Think So.

Facebook is now cited as a contributing factor in 1 out of every 3 divorces. Most people hear this and frame Facebook as a disrupting force, something that has come into our lives and suddenly made relationships even more challenging and complicated. Facebook even gives us the option of listing our relationship status as “It’s

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Reading is like Thinking with Someone Else’s Thoughts

I read Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth a few years ago. I was so moved by reading this book which seemed to describe everything one ever needed to know about being alive, clear, AND happy, that I quickly decided I never needed to read another book again. Time went by and Tolle’s insights that so

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Completely Enshrouded by Uncertainty

“The point of life is not to have the perfect family or get the right job or sell millions of albums … the point is simply to wake up.” ~ Ash Ruiz “We gotta work through our shit; we can’t just overpower it.” ~ Me These blogs are adventures in vulnerability for me. I have

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"I love you just the way … I wish you were!"

“Love asks for nothing. Only personalities want something.” ~ Byron Katie I first read this quote in the agonizing midst of the most painful relationship experience in my life. I was dating a woman I deeply loved more than any other before her, and yet what we created together … well, I can only best

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9-Days Questioning My Persistent Stressful Thoughts

  I just returned from the Byron Katie 9-day School for the Work. I’m not going to give The School away. It’s far more precious that you meet it directly yourself … and in that school you truly meet your Self more convincingly than in any other experience I’ve ever had. I know that may

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