The Journey

The Hope and Hopelessness of Modern Romance

♦◊♦ We are deeply disoriented. Our intimate relationships routinely fluctuate between ecstatic and infuriating. We mostly don’t want to live without an intimate partner, yet we can’t seem to learn how to really love one either. We are stuck in a perpetual uncertainty between hope and hopelessness, like monkeys with our hands caught in a

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All I Want for Christmas … Is An Awesome Relationship

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know how deep I’ve been diving into what it means to have a conscious, thriving relationship. Harnessing the raw insights borne of my often painful experiences, I share the best of what has completely transformed my own life … and my relationships. This Tuesday, I invite you to a LIVE experience with me (it’s

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What A Woman Really Wants Isn’t A Man’s Money

♦◊♦ Twice in my life, I have made a lot of money only to adventure it all away. At 26, I had built up substantial savings as a young US Air Force Officer. I had a sweet pad by the Atlantic Ocean, a Sebring convertible and the means to properly entertain my Canadian girlfriend whenever

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It's Time to Grow Up (but not Old)

I had two bowls of cereal for dinner the other night. The next morning, I went out and played my worst game of pickup basketball … ever. Afterwards, while I sat dejected on the grassy side of this Santa Monica basketball court overlooking a sun-splashed Pacific Ocean, I posted on Facebook that I’ve decided it’s

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A Man's Evolution in Intimacy with Women

♦◊♦ I used to just want a woman’s sexy body. Later I wanted her intelligent mind, too. Now, as the mature masculine man in me awakens, there’s something far more precious than her body or even her mind that I covet: her devotional heart. I’ll explain. Here’s my evolution in intimacy with women: As a

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Bringing Mindfulness to the US Military

On Friday, I returned to the US Military. I hadn’t been on a military installation in official capacity in over 13 years. But the world is shifting. A few months ago, I got an email from an Army Lieutenant Colonel. She had just read my popular blog on The Daily Love about how to give

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I Gave Up Women (Briefly) & Got My Life Back (Indefinitely)

I’m thrilled to share my first article published in Elephant Journal. Here’s an excerpt and link to the full article. Warning: It’s saucy …  ————— Recently, I wrote a blog that went out to thousands of women. The title of that blog was “Why I’m giving up women for 30 days.” It was one of my

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