We Men Must Learn How to Grieve (Everything)

♦◊♦ In 2010, I spent 12 months in a purple SUV Dodge Durango crisscrossing North America on the most wondrous adventure with five other men, five brilliant musical shamans forever my brothers. That purple Durango – which anyone not color blind (like me) would always insist was blue – held us safe as we made … Read more

How To Let Love Fuel Your Life (VIDEO)

On my recent glorious road-trip back to Los Angeles from Idaho (where I was on writing retreat to finish my book, “Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May,” coming this Fall), I pulled over during a gorgeous sunset to record this video about what it means to CHOOSE LOVE over fear, CHOOSE

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The Value of Disconnecting From Phones (And Sex)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuVsf_hE7gM Last week I discovered this funny new Super Bowl commercial in which Planet Earth unravels like a glitchy video game: gravity reverses, there’s a blizzard in Africa and a tsunami in Paris, a tree spontaneously combusts, priests loot an electronic store and dogs start walking people (don’t dogs do that now?). The big reveal

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How To Compliment A Woman

♦◊♦ There’s only one right way to compliment a woman: Freely, with no expectation that she’ll give us anything in return for it. There’s only one place a genuine compliment arises from: Genuine appreciation of whatever gift she’s giving to the world in this moment. Whether that gift be her radiant femininity, her intelligence, her

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Bringing Mindfulness to the US Military

On Friday, I returned to the US Military. I hadn’t been on a military installation in official capacity in over 13 years. But the world is shifting. A few months ago, I got an email from an Army Lieutenant Colonel. She had just read my popular blog on The Daily Love about how to give

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