On The Road

16 Massive Life Lessons I Learned in the Australian Outback

♦◊♦ My recent Walkabout adventure in the Australian Outback was truly extraordinary. Spending a week on deep retreat in that ancient desert with my coach and her husband unleashed massive new insights in me for living an extraordinary life fueled by an embodied mindset of Love. In many cases, these insights were simply a deepening

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How To Let Love Fuel Your Life (VIDEO)

On my recent glorious road-trip back to Los Angeles from Idaho (where I was on writing retreat to finish my book, “Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May,” coming this Fall), I pulled over during a gorgeous sunset to record this video about what it means to CHOOSE LOVE over fear, CHOOSE

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Play with those that inspire you

I just spent 6 days in Dominican Republic at Awesomeness Fest, an adventurous 5-day networking event for visionary professionals doing grounded big-dream work to push humanity forward. I had simple, heartfelt conversations with inspiring people like X-PRIZE founding investor Anousheh Ansari, the first Iranian woman to soar to Space, and Luminita Saviuc, the beautiful young

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There’s So Much Wild Goodness In The World

In 2009-2010, I spent 12 months touring North America with a conscious music band – 6 men (and one guitarist’s wife for a few of those months) – in an SUV vehicle which I’m certain shrank over time. During that entire year, we spent less than 10 nights in hotel rooms. The other 355 days

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"It's Tiiiiiiiime IV Change!!!"

We’re in Mt Shasta, CA, recording the beginning of our next album, at RadioStar studios with world class producer Sylvia Massy. We’ve turned a page this year. In the last 2 years, as I wrote before, we toured in our 6-passenger Durango SUV through 32 states in 2 countries (USA & Canada), performing over 200

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"What are we doing this far north?" – Act 1 of 2 – Kelowna, BC

We crested the mountain highway pass, heading deeper into British Columbia wilderness, and found ourselves driving right into a blizzard. We had just left a fine, crisp Vancouver late-April morning; where did this blizzard come from? Day 101. We were going to Kelowna, BC, the apex of our 6 month West Coast tour begun in

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"Hip Tantra … every delicious experience comes … and goes"

All these big plans and experiences we imagine for ourselves, work towards, get excited about, and eventually live through … come, and they might be as awesome as we anticipated … and then they’re over quick as they came. One after the other. No matter how delicious. We’re on a tour of 6-8 months, performing

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