How to Get a Man Into His Heart

No one ever taught me how to “be in my heart” (or what that even means). My relationships have often suffered horribly as a result. Like most men (many women, too) I’ve been conditioned to live in my head, to use my brain to solve any problem that presents itself.

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Tired Of Your Partner Not ‘Enthusiastically Choosing’ You?

♦◊♦ Are you fed up with NOT being enthusiastically chosen every day in your intimate relationship? Since “Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her)” went viral in 2015, I’ve heard from countless disheartened women (and men) all over the world about their painful experiences with intimate partners who aren’t very enthusiastic about “doing relationship” with them. I was surprised to

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Save Your Relationship by Embracing Feelings

♦◊♦ “I care about your feelings.” My partner once texted me those words shortly after an argument. When I saw her text, my first thought was … “Why? … I don’t even care about my feelings. … Anyway, everything is fine, I’ll be fine.” As I watched myself dismiss my own feelings (I wasn’t really

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Sometimes The Best Gift Is Leaving Your Partner

♦◊♦ Throughout my adult life, no woman ever broke up with me that I didn’t want or even subtly encourage to leave. Nope. I was the one who ended intimate relationships. I see now I was also the one who never fully showed up for those relationships. But I only finally realized this after a woman

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Thank You For Leaving Me

♦◊♦ A few weeks ago I awoke from a morning dream in which my girlfriend broke up with me. Later that day, she broke up with me. We were moving through some rough weather at our 6-month mark; nothing I thought catastrophic. I was sure we’d get thru. Then she ended it. I was devastated. I did not

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