Where Do We Go From Here (043)

December 24, 2019

MTW SOLO Episode 43

In this episode I share with you how 2019 was for this podcast, including specific download numbers and insights, and also 4 powerful lessons I learned doing this.

Also, given it’s the end of 2019, I share my Life Theme Mantra process and invite you to create your own for 2020 (see video below – my mantra for 2020 is “My Year of Hell Yes!”)

Finally, I’ll answer a really great question from a new listener, Martin, who heard the last episode where I talked about some key differences between merely surviving and actually thriving in life, and wrote in to ask, essentially, how does masculinity evolve from here! .. I’ll share some really interesting thoughts and insights into that, as well … so definitely stay tuned to the end of this short episode of Men This Way …

Alright …

Let’s Dive …


Amazing Year … 42 episodes … 55k downloads!

Most listened to episodes of 2019:

(1) E27 – Choose Her Everyday Or Leave Her

(2) E23 – Why Men Sex (Porn) to Avoid Pain

(3) E18 – Why My Girlfriend Was Always Angry With Me

4 Key Lessons from Podcasting This Year

(1) You never know what’s going to work.

(2) Don’t do it if it you’re not inspired to do it (because life is a momentum game).

(3) Be supportive – we gotta have each other’s backs.

(4) Be willing to NOT know how things are supposed to go.


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