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29. How Avoiding Honesty (in Love) Ruins Pleasure & Connection w/ Ian Ferguson

Do you genuinely value open communication in relationship, particularly around sex and attractions? Or, like most people, are there some things you really don’t want to hear? Do you get why knowing the difference between the stories your brain tells you, and the sensations your body tells you, is essential for living (and loving) well? … Read more

28. Is Monogamy (Really) Natural? w/ Robert Kandell

Are you still attracted to others when you’re in a relationship? Do you think non-monogamy might be easier, or more fulfilling, or just more … natural? Are you being honest with your partner – or yourself – about your deepest sexual desires? (and should you be?) This is an epic episode. Robert is a wise … Read more

27. Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her)

Why is intimate relationship uniquely so challenging?  Do you still think relationship should just be easy, and flow effortlessly? What does it actually look like to choose (or reject) your intimate partner everyday? In this episode, I dive into my  blog, Choose Her Everyday (or Leave Her), the blog that back in 2015 changed everything … Read more

26. A Man Divided Causes Stress in His Partner

Have you ever felt divided about being in a relationship? Does your partner seem to feel divided about … you, or your relationship? Would you choose to succeed at your mission, your career, your purpose in life … over succeeding in relationship? In this episode, I dive into one of my recent popular blogs, A … Read more

25. Bridging (Painful) Cultural Divides w/ Tarek Mounib #FreeTripToEgypt

Are you concerned (frightened, pissed) about the state of the world politic today? Have you given up hope that we can all just get along? Have you been to Egypt, or thought about going … or wouldn’t now dare go now?! In this episode, my guest is Tarak Mounib, whose courageous new film, Free Trip … Read more

24. Reclaiming Your (Primal) Masculinity w/ Eivind Skjellum

Do you feel disconnected from your father, grandfather(s) … from Life? Do you feel disconnected from your wild nature? Do you yearn for a deeper connection … to yourself? I really enjoyed this conversation with Eivind Figenschau Skjellum of Norway. His company, Reclaim Your Inner Throne, a rich expression of men’s work that, among other … Read more

23. Why Men Use Sex (Porn) to Avoid Pain w/ Mark Groves

Are you leaking sexual energy all over the place, at the store, gym, work, online? Could you be using sex or porn to avoid shame, or avoid intimacy, or live up to some outdated model of a man? Could you be using orgasm to self-soothe because you rarely received emotional soothing as a child? Mark Groves … Read more

22. Comparison is the Thief of Joy w/ Quddus Phillippe

Are you still pursuing success, recognition, or just more likes on your posts ‘cause you think it’ll make you happy? Do you compare your success to others … and come up short? Do you hide your vulnerability and authenticity – or overuse it? – to sell yourself (your brand)? “If Oprah and Ryan Seacrest had … Read more

21. Are You Living True Path … or False Path? w/ Jeff Brown

Are you living just to survive … or to fulfill your soul’s purpose? What’s the cost of not living your soul’s purpose? How can you even know if you’re living your soul’s path? How do you navigate the need to pay the bills (or show up for your loved ones) … AND the drive to … Read more

20. The Courage It Takes to Live Your Truth w/ Kute Blackson

Are you (still) afraid of the consequences of fully living your truth? Are you (still) living in your father’s shadow? Are you aware your partner can’t trust you when you don’t own your truth (even if your truth is inconvenient to them)? Kute Blackson is a lightning rod for truth and inspiration. Kute grew up … Read more